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Pre-Interview Information

Prior to your interview with a member of the Professional Staff, please review all of the information on this page.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email

Please note: depenging on the time of the year, number of applications received, and the needs of camp, we may need to consider you for a position other than the one you applied for. This will be based on whether you were open to another position on your application along with the dates you are available.

Staff Community and Deveopment

Community and Engagement

Our staff community is eclectic and diverse - from staff members who grew up at Lutherdale as campers to staff members traveling from around the world for their first time at overnight camp. Through programming created specifically for staff, a fulfilling Staff Orientation experience, and the intentional work of our Staff Engagement Coordinator, staff members are given the opportunity to create life long relationships, learn  to be strong role models, grow as young professionals, while being supported in every step along the way.

Open and Safe Community

At Lutherdale, we strive to be an Open and Safe Community that is welcoming and inclusive, and that celebrates the differences in background, experience, abilities, and beliefs that make us a holy community. We believe that all members of out community add value, and expect that staff members will accept and support this philosophy and treat every member of our community with respect and acceptance, and will help them to be successful. The leadership of camp (both summer and year-round) will provide training as well as hands-on, in-the-moment support for staff to be able to respond to the needs of all of our campers and fellow staff members, and provide them with the right tools and strategies to encourage success for all.

Staff Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social Health

At Lutherdale, we care about supporting the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social Health needs of our staff members and campers. Our staff members we see as our biggest assets, as you embark on the work at camp that is both rewarding and demanding we want to support in whatever ways possible. This can look like additional support in the cabin, engaging staff programs on the weekend, and optional daily check-ins. Lutherdale encourages staff members to continue using their outside support networks during the summer.


Staff who are hired to work as Cabin Leaders or Support Staff, with some exceptions, are expected to live with campers in their assigned bunks. Kitchen Staff, Senior Staff and Leadership Team will live in either a staff-only cabin or private housing, depending on their position. We partner with all staff to provide housing that affirms their gender identity. If you have any concerns about your housing, please do not hesitate to ask about accommodations during the interview process.

Time Off

We know how important it is to have some time off to decompress and rest so that you can be at your best when working with campers. Each day, staff will have at two periods off, built into your daily schedule. Every staff member is also entitled to 24-hours off each week.

Preformance Management

Lutherdale is invested in your growth as a professional and provides feedback, evaluates your performance, and helps you develop skills. Your direct supervisor will give feedback through daily check-ins and you will have a weekly evaluation. Working at Lutherdale allows you to develop your communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, and work ethic. If there is a specific area you are looking to grow in this summer make sure to mention it in your interview.

Group/Program Placement

Cabin Leaders are assigned to work with a specific group/program  each week. The process of assigning staff members to groups and programs takes time and thought. Prior to camp, all staff have the opportunity to request the groups/programs they prefer to work with. When making the weekly placement decisions, we must consider the needs of our campers, the needs of each group/program, and the overall needs of camp. We hope that our staff will understand that these decisions are made in a way that sets up both staff and campers for a successful week.

Important Policies

No Smoking

Lutherdale is a non-smoking facility and staff members are highly discouraged form smoking. Use is not permitted in any camp building and not allowed outside of the designated smoking area, (outside of the gate near the south house) which may only be accessed during designated times. We believe we have a responsibility to our entire community to eliminate smoking from our facility and to strictly enforce the policy as it is stated in our application and contract documents. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vaping, and the use of e-cigarettes. The possession or use of illegal drugs including the misuse of medication prescribed to another person is cause for immediate dismissal.



Lutherdale is a scree-free environment, meaning that camp is about the people and the experiences they create for themselves and share with others throughout the week without the distraction of technology and access to the outside world. Campers are not permitted to bring ANY electronic devices with screens. Staff will be limited to use their devices throughout the work day, particularly when campers are present. Lutherdale Summer Staff are required to be present and in the moment with the camp community.

Additional Responsibilities

All Lutherdale Support Staff and Leadership Staff will often also provide coverage of campers. This could look like sitting with a cabin during a meal, spending time with a cabin during rest hour, covering for an activity, and many other scenarios. You need to be ready and flexible to help out where and when you are needed, even if it is not what you are used to.

**Other important policies will be defined and reviewed during your interview and hiring process. Please reach out to with any questions.

Staff Structure

Professional Staff

Our year-round Professional Staff are the leaders of the day-to-day operations of camp. They are responsible for directly supervising and managing the various areas of camp and work throughout the year to ensure that camp is able to operate succesfully.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team includes the people who supervise program areas of camp. This group of staff ensures that camp is running smoothly in the summer. Each program area has a supervisor and may also have an assistant supervisor. Leadership team members are supervised directly by the Professional staff.

Cabin Leaders
Support Staff
L.E.A.P. Campers

Cabin Leaders are hired for the skills, values, and dedication to serving the needs of our campers. Cabin Leaders will spend each week guiding their cabin and village at activities and following the daily schedule. They are supervised by the Professional Staff and Leadership Team.

Support Staff are not attached to a specific cabin but work in the areas of Operations, Food Service, Housekeeping, and Office Administration. These staff members help to ensure that our camper community's health and safety is maintained at the highest level. They are supervised directly by the Professional Staff.

L.E.A.P. Campers act as Cabin Leaders after they have completed the initial training week. They are assigned to one of the Cabin Leaders to shadow and assist with the daily schedule and activities. They are supervised directly by their assigned Cabin Leader, Leadership Team, and Professional Staff.

Salary and Bonuses

Starting for domestic staff


Per Week

Lifeguard Bonus


Reflected Weekly*

Leadership Team Bonus


Reflected Weekly*

*Can differ based on amount of weeks worked.

Arrival and Departure Dates


Leadership Team

Cabin Leaders

Support Staff

International Staff



May 28

May 30

May 30

May 31

June 9


August 11 or August 18

August 11 or August 18

August 11 or August 18

August 11 or August 18

August 18

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